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How to Organise Your Time While Working From Home

Working from home has become a new norm for so many people recently, but it is almost always the norm for us freelancers. While there are many ups and downs to being self-employed, time management is definitely a tricky one.

When I first started freelancing I worked all the time trying to get my website set up and meeting clients needs 24/7. I even waited up until 11pm one night to take a call from a potential client! I had no boundaries and I was quickly burning out. While it was fun to work in my PJs on the couch, it felt like my life was slowly slipping away from me. I knew I had to change something, and I did!

So, here are my top tips for keeping organised while working at home, that totally worked for me!

  1. Maintain regular hours. Even though I swore I would never do a 9-5 job, I try my best to stay within that time frame! I stick to it a majority of the time, only going over when absolutely needed.

  2. Create a morning routine. I try to get up around 7/8am every morning and take an hour to myself before working. I scroll through social media, catch up with friends, make the bed, take a shower... I make sure my mornings are not just up and go to work.

  3. Take breaks. Just like you would in an office environment! I always take a 30 min lunch break and put on an episode of friends and chill out for a few. I always end up going back to work with so much energy and productivity.

  4. Do some exercise. Try and get some movement in during the day. I go to the gym every other day and the days I'm off I try to go to town after work or just do some yoga! It will definitely let you break up the day and feel more yourself.

  5. Don't reply after you stop working. A lot of my clients know I won't reply past a certain time, just as you'd expect from any other company or employee. Unless the matter is urgent, that time is me time. If you have trouble with this, look into getting a separate phone for work.

  6. Take advantage of your perks. You work from home, which means if you want to work from your bed or couch, you can! It's always good to have a designated office area to work in, but when you need to or want to, it's okay to go lay down and reply to emails! It's not like anyone will find out ;)

I hope these tips helped and remember to always take breaks when you need them. Just because your office is in your home doesn't mean your home is your office!

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